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The Chew visits Dorian's Seafood Market. Watch as Daphne Oz gets her hands dirty and finds out what it takes to be NYC's top fishmonger! Original air date: Thursday, September 20, 2012 on ABC 7.

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A Toast to a Cure!

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Dorian's is a proud sponsor of "The Wine and Dine Around The World" fundraiser at the Hudson Valley Hospital Center. The event will be held at Trump National Westchester in Briarcliff Manor on Thursday, November 15, 2012 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to benefit the Ashikari Breast Center Fund. Join us for this important fundraising effort and enjoy food and wine from across the globe.

Dorian's Seafood Market will be supplying the raw bar as well as fresh seafood for the sushi.

Click here for tickets and more info:

Be sure to come to our next Food Demo!

Be sure to come to our next Food Demo!
Dorian's Seafood Market demo at Williams Sonoma store.

Dorian and Chef Pedro of Dorian's Seafood Market were invited to demonstrate some seafood preparations at Williams Sonoma on Madison Ave. We will back there again and will be sure to keep you posted so you can come.

Video Recipe - Fried Halibut

Video Recipe - Fried Halibut

Watch our friends at Voix de La Terre make fried halibut fresh from Dorian's Seafood Market.

Looking for great wine?

Looking for great wine?
Voix de La Terre

Choosing the right wine to complement our fresh fish and seafood is easy when you turn to the experts at Voix de La Terre.
Visit their site:

Video Recipe - How to Cook Fried Shrimp

Video Recipe - How to Cook Fried Shrimp

Check out our friends at VDLT preparing fried shrimp that they just selected fresh at Dorian' Seafood Market.

Q. What's the biggest mistake that people make when they buy fish or shellfish?

A. The biggest mistake is probably not buying at a specialty store. If you're not familiar with fish and your first buying experience is from a supermarket, you may be disappointed. Instead stick with a specialty store that has a skilled, knowledgeable staff and a good turnover so you can be sure their products are fresh. The other big mistake that I think people make is buying fish to freeze it. It's not the worst thing in the world to do, and some fish freeze better than others, but you do lose something in the freezing.

Q. Is there a recommended amount of fish per person or per serving?

A. We suggest 8 oz. per person for a medium adult portion. But there are some fish that are very rich, almost buttery, that we suggest a little less, perhaps 6 oz. per portion. These would include Chilean Sea Bass, salmon or sea scallops. Other fish that are lighter, like fillet of sole or anything white like halibut or cod -- those you can have 8 oz. portions.

Q. Other than buying from a quality fish monger like you, Dorian, when buying fish, what should a consumer look for?

A. A fish should have a clear, bright eye. A whole fish should be clean. There should be no residue or murky looking pasty surface on it. It should be firm in a whole fish stage. Also, if you want to ask to see the gills, they should be bright red. Nothing brown. And of course, the smell: it should be clean and fresh. No rotten or ammonia smell.

Q. Should we worry about mercury and other toxins in swordfish and tuna?

A. Over the years industrialization has caused more mercury to be in the air and in our waters. The big fish -- tuna, swordfish, and some say halibut -- tend to have more mercury. It's something to be concerned about in that I wouldn't tell you to eat tuna for all three meals, seven days a week, for the rest of your life. Just like someone wouldn't eat red meat every day because that would be a poor diet. Because variety and moderation are fine, if you have it occasionally, it's okay. But nowadays it's an occurrence we need to understand and be aware of. I don't expect it to go away.